About Us

Established in 1920, Rinnai is known to be the largest manufacturer of gas appliances in Japan. Obtaining the highest standard and certified ISO, Rinnai’s main objective is to provide quality driven products in an environmentally responsible manner. After decades of absence in the Philippine market, Rinnai decided to partner up with Mitsui Philippines in May of 2009. A comprehensive line of tabletop appliances was initially launched through SM Appliance, arguably Philippine’s largest retailer of appliances. With the application of Mitsui’s multi-level strategy, the Rinnai brand becaome an instant hit among Filipino consumers.This defied existing belief that cast iron burners (used by most competitors) can never be replaced by a newer and more efficient technology. An unprecedented two-year ignition warranty has also helped this brand establish its reputation for quality. As of May 2017, different series of gas and electrical appliances (e.g. Built-in Hobs, Gas/Electric Range) have been successfully launched across the Philippines. A reliable service network has also been established to ensure the satisfaction of existing and future customers.

With Rinnai’s rapid growth in the past ten years, there is no doubt that this brand would soon become a major player in the Philippine appliance industry.